Porzingis has shoes with literal unicorns on them

Kristaps Porzingis wasa unicorn before it was cool, and now he has the shoes to prove it.

Porzingis unveiled his newest player exclusive version of the Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 model and it comes with unicorns on the outsoles!

Porzingis is one of Adidas new balance 410 womens  biggest athletes on and off the court, so keeping him in cool player exclusive shoes is a must for the brand. So far thats worked out well with Porzingis showing off some pretty cool features on his shoes this season.

This isnt the first time hes gone out of the box with a sneaker this year. Earlier this season Adidas gave Porzingis his first player exclusive model of the Crazy Explosive to open the season.

Porzingis shoe game has been on point all year long, but this one specifically is amazing because of his embrace of his Unicorn nickname. Its always cool to see players have an awareness of fun things like this off the court. Hopefully, he comes out with more heat soon.


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