9 Asian Lingerie Brands Perfect For Women With Small Boobs

We’ve come a cheap online lingerie stores long way since Mary Phelps Jacob invented the prototype of the modern bra using handkerchiefs, pink ribbon, and cord in the early 20th century, but theres still a long way to go. Luckily, Asian lingerie brands for small boobs have our backs. While bra-shopping nowadays is relatively easy for those of us with average-sized ta-tas, picking out lingerie for small boobs in the U.S. and European markets is often quite difficult in terms of finding something that’s attractive while simultaneously doing its job of holding everything in place.

To be honest, the amount of times Ive been able to locate a single A-cup brassiere while frantically searching through every store should be enough to put me off IRL clothes shopping for good. But what can I say? I’m a sucker for hope.

Finding underwear that fits correctly is pretty important, and not just for comfort purposes. It’s my belief that a good bra can positively impact your body confidence and make you feel truly good about yourself. Thankfully, there are many Asian lingerie brands out there that cater to people with little boobs. Much is being said about the wonders of K-beauty, but the Asian fashion market has a lot to offer in terms of lingerie, too. Not only do these bras do wonders in terms of fit, but they also come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles to suit your own personal tastes. That in mind, here are my nine favorite places to shop for bras in A-cups.

1. Cosmo LadyAccording to its website, fab lingerie shop Cosmo Lady has been Chinas largest underwear retailer since 2014. And if you take a quick look around the website, you can likely see why.

Specializing in cutting-edge fashions catered to the urban woman’s desire for contemporary design, the retailer showcases different lingerie brands. International folks can find products for sale on sites like Ali Express.

2. Felissimo

Specializing in the cute and kitsch, Japanese brand Felissimo stocks many unique styles that will be sure to satisfy your kawaii side.

I became aware of the fashion site late in 2015 after someone linked me to an article by  about some bizarre underwear that came with a detachable cats tails. As a friend of all felines, I was immediately intrigued. Although the site no longer stocks those wonderful creations, it does still have a good selection of adorable undies that are a bit more casual.

3. Vivien Vivian Style Floral Print Bra, $17, Vivieneshop

Thanks, in part, to imported underwear lines making waves amongst the youth in the U.S. and U.K., the Korean bra scene is reportedly more competitive than ever.

Vivien is a signature brand of the Namyeung company that has been the leading lingerie line in Korea for 35 years. Its feminine and varied designs more than adequately cater to women and bra-wearers between the ages of 20 and 50. Even if you dont fit this desired customer spectrum, however, Im sure these bras will look fab on you, too.

4. XIXILI IntimatesXIXILIs brand motto Uplifting You Always proves that this company takes pride in uplifting customers both physically through its cute bras and mentally by allowing wearers to feel confident in their aesthetic choices.

According to the site’s ”About” page, the company was founded by a group of ladies who were pleasantly surprised by the improvements of their bust-lines and appreciation of the bust volumes through the right choice of brassieres.”

This season’s collections include the denim pieces with coral detailing and fresh mint green styles. So on trend. Each one has its own perks and would be a great addition to your underwear drawer. International customers can purchase XIXILI lingerie at Zalora.

5. Petite CherryKatrina Strappy Cage Demi Bra Set, $31, Petite Cherry

Whether youre into sexy lacy numbers, push-up bras, or sporty styles, Petite Cherry will definitely have the bra suited to your needs. The brand currently offers a 10 percent-off code after you sign up to its newsletter, as well as a sweet rewards scheme whereby you get a free set of your choice after your fifth purchase. Ill be ordering 10.

6. SolbSolb seems to be the current favorite lingerie brand amongst K-Pop stars, as a quick Google search presents reams of Korean celebrities including Nine Muses member Kyungri, Rainbows Woori, and famous underwear model Minyoung singing its praises, to name a few.

Because a common bra size in Korea is 75A — approximately a 34AA by U.S. standards — the majority of the country’s lingerie brands seemingly stock amazing options for our small-breasted needs. Solb itself offers a range of vibrant and youthful styles that will add a unique edge to your current selection of bras.

7. Peach JohnMermaid Bra, $37, Peach John

Peach Johns website has an impressive selection of trendy yet wearable bras, nightwear, and swimwear that would surely turn heads. Much like Cosmo Lady, designs feature a wide strap that is able to offer extra sturdy support. My own personal favorite is the mermaid bra that reps cups in the shape of seashells. Its so cute and can come with either a matching panty or thong.

8. Amos Style Ribbed x Lace Bra Shorts Set, $25, Amo’s Style

Another popular brand with a superbly wide spectrum of bra designs — including those for small breasts, of course — is Amo’s Style. The brand is actually owned by German company Triumph International, but Amos itself is strictly catered towards the Japanese market. As well as the usual lacy numbers, you can also find practical styles of bras to suit T-shirt and low neckline dresses.

9. Aimer 3/4 Push Up Molded Bra, $29, Aimer

Aimer potentially has the second most extensive range of bras that Ive come across when searching for the perfect lingerie for my little boobs. As well as selling the usual padded, underwired, or molded styles, the company also has plenty of the more difficult-to-find plunging V and cami shapes available to buy from its online store.

On top of possessing over 20 years of experience in the industry, the Beijing company also owns the Ergonomic Institute, where research regarding the human form is undertaken in order to bring better technologies to the underwear lines provides.

So there you cheap online lingerie stores have it: Nine Asian lingerie brands that prove that people with small boobs can have their cake and eat it, too. The world of well-fitted and gorgeous bras is ours, after all. Hopefully this list has given the less-endowed among of us some undergarment inspiration.


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