I Asked Four Couples To Choose Their Favorite Lingerie Items — Here’s How Their Answers Compared

Which of these cheap online lingerie stores responses is not like the others? Valentines Day is: A) A day created forcouples to show affection, dedication, and commitment towards each other. B) A time to expressutmost love and care for the special person in ones life. C) An excuse to wearlingerie. Ifever there was a perfect day to wear lingerie, it would be no coincidence thatthe date would land on February 14th. Because while it may be expensive and not practical, lingerie definitely has the ability to set the mood for a romantic nightwith your significant other. And after all, isnt that what Valentines Day is allabout?

There exists an argument that claims that Valentines Day is a holiday specifically designed to helpcorporate greeting card companies and chocolate/stuffed animal sales — but the reality is that itsalso an excuse to spend time with loved ones. However much we may deny it tofriends, companions, or even to ourselves, anyone in a serious relationship isprobably going to be celebrating Cupids day one way or another. Whether youre going on a date, seeing amovie, or even staying in, the outcome of your Valentines Day is almostguaranteed to involve hand holding, smooching, and maybe something more. And this is where lingerie comes into play.

Lingeriecomes in all shapes and sizes — just like relationships. There are lace sets thatmight reflect a relationship with a passionate nature; there are bandagednumbers with corsets and garters that might connect a pair of intense,dedicated lovers; and there are silk, sheer pieces that might suit a couple witha long-lasting connection. Whether or not its Valentines Day, its obviousthat lingerie is a shared effort between partners. But that being said, can amale in a heterosexual relationship correctly suit his lady with the lingerie she’d most enjoy? And how would the woman’s perception of sexy lingerie differ from the dude’s perception of sexy lingerie? These are questions I’d love to know.

THE SURVEYIasked four sets of couples a survey of questions to test their opinions andtastes of lingerie, to see if they matched up to one another’s. Perfectly in timefor Valentines Day, this experiment asked the males to identify what kind oflingerie they would like to see their partner in, and then asked the females which lingerie they would most likely wear. The couples then explained their choicesand how they tied back into their individual relationships.

Thefirst survey question gauged what kind of lingerie the male or female wouldprefer. In order to give provide variety, I selected six options. As the list went on, the choices got more andmore traditionally sexy, with being the most modest and being the, well, raciest.

OPTION AThispink and lacy romper is pretty, but lacks dark colors, bandaging and sheer fabric. Although cute, it is definitely on the modest side for lingerie.


Thissheer black number is, again, on the modest side compared to the other choices, butstill features sheer fabric and a structured bra.


Thisset of a basic blank tank top and boy short panties is, in terms of lingerie,simple and practical. Yet the black definitely takes it to the next sexy level.

OPTION DSheer,nude-colored, and skin tight? This body suit is quite the undergarment anddefinitely alluring.

OPTION EArguablythe sexiest option, this is a corset/garter combination with a built in bra.Featuring metallic stitching and a ribbon-caged bra, this piece is quite thequintessential sexy lingerie.

THE RESULTSThe couples were asked why they picked their specific choice in lingerie fortheir partners, and/or why they picked it for themselves. They were then asked how it might reflect on their relationship, and what lingerie means to them overall.

1. THE MADE-FOR-EACH-OTHER COUPLEOne cannot function without the other. Theyre basically always together, and when they arent, theyre talking about each otherendlessly. There is obviously a strong bond between these two lovers, but do theirlingerie tastes match up?

Choice C

Choice D

Whilethe guy chose a more modest choice, the gal went the full nine yards with thesexiest option. You could say the roles were seemingly reversed in this couple, revealingthe guys simplistic nature and the gals intensity. The main take away fromtheir sound-offs shows that theyre quite the serious couple.

Guess they’ll have to duke it outto decide on lingerie come V-Day.

2. THE HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTSEveryoneknows a couple like this. They met in high school and havent looked backsince. Theyve pretty much devoted each of their lives to loving one another.And if youre not gagging by now, then youre probably in this kind ofrelationship.

We have a winner! The results from this couple were quite the match. Both replied with the sexiest choice: E. In theirwritten replies, both the guy and gal expressed that lingerie is an extra stepin a relationship that shows comfort around each other.

3. THE BOHEMIAN LOVERS      These two partners wereprobably looking for each other in every previous relationship before theyfound one another. They think, act, and speak on the same wavelengths, andeffortlessly understand each other.

Choice E Choice EAnother match — although they admitted lingerie isnt a huge factor in their relationship.

I wonder if theyll be surprised on Valentines Day?

4. THE BUDDING YOUNGINSThese two are new to the dating game, but they have a strong bond. They’re serious about relationships and are looking for something beyond just a hookup. That being said, they’re young and still have lots of mistakes to make.

This couple may just be the simplest of them all. Theyrenot about fancy or fuss; they know each other better than anyone knows them andthats the way they like it. The guy even says that lingerie means very little intheir relationship.

CONCLUSIONSLingerie is not ideal for every couple, as evidenced by this experiment. One person may prefer an ultra-sexy number, while their partner might be fond of a more modest set. While Valentines Day seems like the perfect time to wear fancy lingerie, it doesnt  to be that way. I thought every males response would reflect their hegemonic masculinity and desire for their woman to be dressed in something extremely sexy and risque (option E, for example). And although there was more variety in their replies than I initially expected, Im sure a larger survey would only capitalize on that shared sentiment.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about relationships and couples, even it if manufactured for various corporate companies looking to increase their sales for this somewhat fake holiday. That being said, romance is undeniable. All these couples stress that fact that lingerie is a great idea every once in a while, but perhaps not for every day. And while there was some variation between couple’s replies, three out of the four demonstrated consistency.

If this survey cheap online lingerie stores is of any note, you might want to grab some lingerie for V-Day — and don’t forget to ask your significant other’s opinion, too! Teamwork is sometimes way more fun than a surprise. And they’ll enjoy seeing you in it no matter what, obviously.


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